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iNous is an independent institute dedicated to exploring, documenting and sharing the insights of Artistic Mind. It was founded in 2021 by artistic researcher Dr Samantha Prigge in close collaboration with artist and Muse, Lanon Prigge. At the heart of its research is Novelties of Nous, a growing collection of illuminating prompts about Artistic Mind gleaned from intrepid imagineers around the world and throughout time.

What is Artistic Mind?

Artistic Mind refers to a direct apprehension of existential patterns lying beyond what is knowable through analysis, language and intellectual thinking alone.

Artistic Mind is a contemporary term referring to the more ancient concept of nous. Nous has been interpreted in numerous ways in different contexts. Our use of it aligns with the Greek νοῦς (British: n aʊ s), a liminal state in which humans experience the presence of an infinitely generative field.

Noetic sage Ted Falconar refers directly to the “infinite playing fields” of nous as a vivid wonderland of immersive experience which transcends the limitations of conceptual language. Film-maker David Lynch has spoken of “an ocean of pure, vibrant consciousness”, a field that unfolds and grows as you enliven it. Buckminster Fuller recognizes it as “a creativity that is a priori to the integrity of the universe”. Other titles have been bestowed on it at different times and places including “the Mystery”, “the Imaginal”, “the Unknown”, the “Liminal”, the “Collective Unconscious” and “the Dream”, a shared acknowledgement being an awareness of a state of being in which there there is an ecstatic dissolution of the commonly perceived divisions between past and future, self and other, or form and intention.

Unmediated visions, synaesthetic sensations and gestalt feelings can, and do, arise spontaneously from nous. But nous can also be purposefully collaborated with through active imagination, contemplation, psychedelic or mystical experiences, and embodiment practices.

Novelty of Nous celebrating the illuminations of Buckminster Fuller

Intrepid imagineers throughout time have discovered unique ways to illuminate the workings of Artistic Mind. In so doing, they have satisfied their own curiosity and passions and simultaneously enriched the broader human experience. Their explorations have extended across disciplines to include physicists, healers, mystics, painters, poets, biologists, writers, etymologists, psychologists, dancers, educators, philosophers, mathematicians, musicians, anthropologists, directors, theorists and sages.

Nous can be purposefully collaborated with through active imagination, contemplation, psychedelic or mystical experiences, and embodiment practises.

Novelties of Nous, a collection of imaginative prompts, is the outcome of our own deliberate collaboration with nous. For us, it is a daily presence practice in which patterns of information received from non-ordinary perception, including intuition, contemplation, feeling and visioning, are honoured in equal measure to those received through our ordinary senses. It is dynamic dance of self-realization calling into curious play what we commonly experience as opposites, such as visible and invisible, present and absent, self and other, intention and action.

iNous is an independent Artistic Research institute based in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. We celebrate Artistic Mind as a collective resource and create imaginative tools to support the flourishing of artistic minds worldwide.


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