Benefitting from the timeless wisdom of Artistic Mind

Based on our own experience as artistic researchers, and supported by the explorations of thousands of intrepid imagineers before us, we believe that the wisdom received from Artistic Mind is infinite and applicable across multiple contexts.
Book knowledge, or what we are able to learn through rote and repetition, is useful but limited. It can only be applied in specific contexts and for brief periods of time while the data remains fresh in our short-term memory. In contrast, the wisdom received from Artistic Mind has shown itself to be timeless and has been reliably called upon from the depths of embodied human experience as revelation, realization, intuition, inspiration, innovation, and illumination.

Appreciating life as an artistic unfolding

Through iNous, it is our mission and joy to support individuals to appreciate their life as an incredible artistic unfolding. Whether you consider yourself ‘artistic’ or not, we want you to benefit from the wisdom of Artistic Mind by receiving daily inspiration and illumination. One outcome of our ongoing artistic research into Artistic Mind has been the origination of Novelties of Nous. This is a collection of imaginative prompts, delivered either as an open-ended flow or a deck of prompts, and designed to align your artistic potential with other intrepid imagineers who have had the courage to improvise, the resilience to fail, the confidence to innovate, the humility to transform, the faith to risk, and the sensitivity to collaborate.

Receiving an open-ended flow of prompts

When you sign-up for our Flow Prompts, you receive daily reminders of how to access the timeless wisdom of Artistic Mind and remain aligned with your unique generative potential. Each prompt presents you with a visual symbol and a textual metaphor which combined offer an opportunity to assimilate a radical mode of seeing and being encapsulated by Artistic Mind.

 As imaginative prompts, Novelties of Nous invite a liminal state of attention led through the expansive states of curiosity and wonder. The pairing of visual muse and verbal mantra in each Novelty is a potent demonstration of synaesthetic ‘seeing’. As an artistic rendering of the ambiguity, beauty and mystery lying at the heart of human existence, each prompt provides a portal into the infinite playing fields of nous.

Novelties do not presume, assert or declare. They simply prompt, invite and suggest. As mind-jazz mythologist William Irwin Thompson has observed: “The mystic understands that the mind is like a flashlight in search of the nature of darkness; the more he searches, the more he chases it away”. As a daily practise, the open-ended flow of prompts provides a fluid lens through which to appreciate the unfolding of your life as a unique journey of discovery and innovation.

What you might enjoy about Flow Prompts:

  • Flow Prompts are delivered daily to your preferred email address.
  • Each daily prompt is drawn randomly from our collection of 500+ Novelties of Nous – on a daily basis, we are as surprised as you to discover which one pops up!
  • Flow Prompts are non-prescriptive, honouring the unfolding of your personal artistic enquiry
  • Each prompt is a synaesthetic metaphor, a pairing of visual muse and verbal mantra.
  • You can renew or cancel your subscription of Flow Prompts whenever you wish.

R399 / $30 monthly

Each prompt reflects one of the nine gateways leading into the playing fields of Artistic Mind: Imagination, Curiosity, Perception, Attention, Intention, Experience, Transformation, Improvisation, and Sovereignty.


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iNous is an independent Artistic Research institute based in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. We celebrate Artistic Mind as a collective resource and create imaginative tools to support the flourishing of artistic minds worldwide.


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Novelties of Nous are imaginative prompts for artistic minds. Each prompt synergizes an evocative image with a pearl-of-wisdom gleaned from a diverse range of contributors.

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