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"The artistic imagination and the artist are quite separate things. The artistic imagination can recreate itself in many subtle ways."

Lewis Thomas | Poetic Etymologist

Artistic mind seeks meaning rather than answers.

Artistic mind is a way of seeing and being that is nourished by fresh perspectives, hidden dimensions, and untapped resources.

Artistic mind is supported by silence and solitude, as much as it is activated through expression and collaboration.

Artistic mind serves to integrate all experience through an ethos of close attention, sensitivity, empathy, and honest interpretation.

A compulsion to perceive the extraordinary in the ordinary, and to transform the mundane into the magical, propels the artistic mind towards novelties of nous.

Introducing Novelties of Nous

nous (naʊs

Imaginative prompts for artistic minds

Each Novelty combines a visual muse (non-representational image) with a verbal mantra (a pearl-of-wisdom about the nature and purpose of artistic mind).

Mantra and muse harmonize to activate nous, inviting you to contemplate and be inspired by the multidimensional perspectives of artistic mind.

Who can use Novelties of Nous?

  • Writers
  • Performers
  • Film-makers
  • Poets
  • Painters
  • Composers
  • Musicians
  • Videographers
  • Dancers
  • Art teachers
  • Multidisciplinary artists
  • Researchers
  • Philosophers
  • Deep-thinkers
  • Lifeartists
  • Anyone compelled to seek for meaning beyond the known

Select your Novelty

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Novelties of Nous are imaginative prompts for artistic minds. Each prompt synergizes an evocative image with a pearl-of-wisdom gleaned from a diverse range of contributors.

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