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“Imagination is the most scientific amongst human faculties since it is the only one able to intuit the universal analogies that mystics call correspondences.”

Recordings of lectures, interviews, and presentations by key contributors to our contemporary understanding of creativity, perception, imagination, and mind.

"The shaman is the figure at the beginning of human history that unites the doctor, the scientist and the artist into a single notion of caregiver and creativity."- Terence McKenna


  • Alan Watts
  • Terence McKenna – Psychonaut
  • Osho – Mystic revolutionary
  • Jerzy Grotowski – Spiritual acrobat
  • Eugenio Barba – Collective individualist
  • Lewis Thomas – Poetic etymologist
  • Meredith Monk – Liminal vocalist
  • David Lynch – Transcendental film-maker
  • Julia Cameron
  • Sarah Bernardt – Existential actress
  • Michael Talbot – Mystical scientist
  • David Pearsen
  • Carl Jung – Archetypal psychiatrist
  • Frank Lloyd Wright – Radical architect
  • T X Huxley – Awe-inspired archeologist
  • Aldous Huxley
  • Buckminster Fuller – Free-wheeling architect
  • John Cage – Zen composer
  • Julian Klein – Artistic researcher
  • Lyall Watson – Nomadic scientist
  • William Irwin Thompson – Mythologist
  • Marvin Minsky – Cognitive scientist
  • J Krishnamurti – Revolutionary mystic
  • Else Marie Laukvik – Indeterminate actress
  • Albert Einstein – Metaphysicist
  • Bruce Garrabrandt – Artist ordinaire
  • Wendell Berry – Agrarian poet
  • Gregory Bateson
  • Lawrence Durrell
  • Criss Jami
  • E F Schumacher
  • Erik Exe Christoffersen
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