Walks of Art

An open-ended musing by Lanon Prigge curated by Samantha Prigge

Subtle blue digital art inspired by nature in Walks of Art | iNous Artistic Research

As I walk out to discover the work of the great artist of creation, I am a seeker – always lured toward the revelation of that which can never be hidden, but which is often lost in the camouflage of familiarity and abundance. It is the obvious that is most easily overlooked. The living miracle is so voluminous that it can get swamped in its own folds and contours. Our eyes become dulled to the beauty through the simple feat of its overwhelm.

Nothing is quite so ordinary and mundane as the divine.

Not only do I love to contemplate art; I love to create art for contemplation.

As an artist, the divisions between these two activities blur, merging as a seamless flow that seeks the beautiful in every moment.

Dramatic cloudscape | Nature as art

Nature is art. To co-create with it draws me into the timeless mystery that makes my hair stand on end. It calls me, like a siren, to plumb depths I sometimes feel afraid of. Even that which appears dead, remains animate. History is alive in the moment I look at it: ossified memories are canvasses that speak not only of what has come before, but throw echoes into the future through my eyes as I perceive them in the present.

I love to be surprised by the mystery when it rises to greet me as art.

Footprints on sandy beach

On my beach walk today I come across a water-worn log. So easy to pass by when the eyes are busy with other things, but impossible to ignore when the seer’s glamour is upon me. As I look more closely, I am reminded that as an artist I am merely a participant in a greater work. A work that surpasses me and yet is gentle and generous enough to draw me into its greater embrace. The dead tree still dances, in silent stillness. Was this art here when the tree still lived, or did the masterpiece only come into being on its death? Must the work of wind and water play a part before its magic can be seen?

A naturally carved and etched woodwork

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