"The artistic imagination and the artist are quite separate things. The artistic imagination can recreate itself in many subtle ways."

Lewis Thomas | Poetic Etymologist

Artistic minds need imaginative prompts.

As an individual with an artistic mind, you are constantly in motion – seeking new perspectives, deeper dimensions, untapped resources.

Your creativity is nurtured by silence and introspection, as much as it is activated through stimulation and collaboration. Nurturing the flame of your creative source can be a constant challenge amidst the regulated demands of daily life.

You need a gentle reminder of your innate artistic capacity, an imaginative prompt that supports your desire to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Introducing Novelties of Nous

Imaginative prompts for artistic minds

Each Novelty of Nous synergizes a provocative insight with a metascape artwork. The verbal mantra and visual muse work in harmony to amplify nous, the multidimensional perspectives of your artistic mind.

Whether you receive a Novelty as a daily email prompt, or draw a card every morning or evening from your customized deck, the goal remains the same – to nurture your artistic mind on a regular basis. To encourage that part of you that seeks to recreate itself in a myriad of subtle ways.


Who can benefit from Novelties of Nous?

  • Writers
  • Performers
  • Film-makers
  • Poets
  • Painters
  • Composers
  • Musicians
  • Videographers
  • Dancers
  • Artistic researchers
  • Arts educators
  • Anyone seeking to nurture their artistic mind

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Novelties of Nous are imaginative prompts for artistic minds. They synergize provocative artworks with insights gleaned from a diversity of deeply wise, abundantly creative and fiercely independent souls. View all contributors.

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