We are an indie institute dedicated to nurturing and honoring Artistic Mind.


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Artistic Mind unifies two powerful technologies of human being - perception and imagination.

Artistic Mind, or nous, is a way of seeing and being that intentionally seeks meaning across multiple dimensions. It is the immersion of an autonomous artist in territories both visible and invisible to the naked eye, and the intuitive process of translating this immersion into communicable signs and symbols.

Artist Mind is an enlightened perspective in which diverse sense-making processes are acknowledged as equivalent emanations of a deeper integral system.

Artistic Mind is a manifestation of the enigma of life, in which the one looking is also the subject of their enquiry.

We recognize artistic souls in all shapes, sizes and guises. Those with many labels, and those with only one. Closet creators as well as artists-in-the-making. 

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Where we place our attention

Open-ended enquiry

How can questions be posed and answers sought in ways that diminish the temptation to 'jump to conclusions' or 'snap to grid'? How do we remain open to possibility and unafraid of unpredictability?

Autonomy & autodidactism

How do we ground our sovereign sense-making capacity within a perpetual sea of information, influences and demands? At what point in our learning can we say: "I know"?

Intuition & inspiration

How do we engage with pre-verbal impulses and felt phenomena? How do we decipher, language and translate intuitions and inspirations?

Silence & sanctuary

Under what conditions does Artistic Mind flourish? How do practises of contemplation, meditation, dreaming, reverie and immersion contribute?

Improvization & play

In what ways can we balance spontaneity and discipline, exploration and form, rapture and regulation? At what moment are boundaries traversed, shifted or dissolved? When can something be said to begin or end?

What the i in iNous means

As Artists, we are cognizant of the magic conjured by the words that we wield. In our choice of title, we reduce the grandiosity of the Institution, capital I, for the sovereignty of the individual, who remains the source of novelty and transformation.

In our research, we acknowledge Artistic Mind as a dynamic unfolding of multiple intelligences including, but not limited to, inspiration, intuition, immediacy, immersion, intellect and insight.

In the establishment of an institute as an organization to collaboratively promote Artistic Mind, we honour our interactions as an improvisation at play.

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